Live Naturally Tools is a system of training and materials designed to make your love of sharing essential oils simple, fun and more personable. 

Thrive Naturally

Get 3 months of exclusive training from the Live Naturally Team, Ginna & Dana! 


“We are proof that building a thriving dōTERRA business is accessible for the average person. You have to be committed to hard work and personal growth and love people well. If you can do those things, go all in and watch what happens!”

The idea for Live Naturally Tools started when both of us were in Diamond Club in the fall of 2014. We had tried every class handout available and wanted something beautiful and simple that would duplicate well. When we both reached Diamond rank we set to work sketching out our ‘dream class’ handout, and our friend who is the best graphic designer on the planet made our chicken scratch into something beautiful.

It sold out of a garage for about 9 months and requests kept coming in for a full system. It’s been an absolute joy creating the materials that we want to use for various meetings, and getting to collaborate with so many of you in the process. We are passionate about this business and want to make growing it simple and fun for as many people as possible! 


how it all began...


Dana Moore has always been a life-long health enthusiast and a natural educator. She was introduced to the concept of essential oils over a decade ago and was instantly intrigued. 3 years ago, Dana and her husband Nate decided to dive into the business of dōTERRA, as it was evident that this was an every growing part of their lives. From that moment on, they have been actively teaching classes and mentoring others and have rank advanced to Presidential Diamond. Nate, Dana, their 4 children & 2 puppies live in SE Wisc. 

Dana is passionate about the simplicity of daily life and looks for ways to make healthy things easy, so it’s a natural choice! She and Nate are also adventure seekers and love travel, take risks and make brave choices.


When Ginna Cross was in labor with her second child in early 2013, her doula, Dana Moore, opened a bottle of dōTERRA Wild Orange during a contraction. When she and her husband, Steve, reached Elite rank (SOLID Elite) in December of that year, they decided to go 100% all-in with dōTERRA and Steve left his job. 15 months later they reached Blue Diamond and haven’t looked back.  They live with their 4 children in SE Wisconsin.

Ginna loves God and time with her family more than anything else! But she’s also passionate about business and excellence, and can’t play enough good strategy games.

MEET Michelle

Michelle began her dōTERRA journey just under three years ago. She knew that she wanted to create a group of close friends that all loved doing this amazing business together. She is the mother of three boys and a wife to the most amazing man. She has been using essential oils and living a nature lifestyle for almost 6 years and enjoys anything that promotes healthy habits in her home. She loves to teach others about her passion and to help them find solutions to a natural way of living. When she began her dōTERRA journey she started with social media and expanded her love for teaching classes. She reached the rank of Diamond in just 13 months, and Blue Diamond in 2 years, and is continually striving and pushing for bigger goals. She had the incredible opportunity of speaking as a guest speaker at dōTERRA's Convention in 2016 sharing her story, and continues to share her journey with many others all around the world. She cannot think of a better calling in life than being a mother, wife and essential oil educator.